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The idea for this comm was blatantly stolen from hp_britglish. The purpose is simple: to create a place where fanfic writers can ask questions about Canadian culture and English in order to create more authentic characters and settings.

Despite the SGA in the name, your questions don't have to be Stargate: Atlantis-related. If you're writing due South or some other show (or film or book) that has Canadians, feel free to ask away.

When asking a question, please try to include pertinent information such as location, time period, etc. Some people answering questions may not be familiar with canon, so stuff like age and gender would be helpful, too.

If you're Canadian and want to post helpful tips or lists of egregious Americanisms, have at it! We (and by we, I mean I) need all the help we can get. Wikipedia and Google only go so far.

I will be organising everything with tags and memories, so hopefully things will be easy to find.