scottishfeet (scottishfeet) wrote in sga_canada_help,


The eternal question. What kind of beer does Rodney drink?

I am not a very well-travelled Canadian, and don't drink very much beer. I also doubt that the near-fanatic devotion to Alexander Keith's in my hometown is the national standard, so: Do most Canadians tend to drink regional brands, or do the Big Companies (Labatt's, Coors, Oland,etc) dominate? Is Molson really the quintessential Canadian beer, or is that a myth perpetuated by university students from Ontario? Would Rodney drink fancy microbrewery stuff, or appreciate the mass-market consistency of a ... see, I don't even know what to put there. Help me out. If a Canadian was away from home - what kind of beer would they miss?

Tags: food and drink
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