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Vancouver seasons

I'm nibbling away at a story set in Vancover in the 2002-2004 range, and I'll eventually have someone locale-beta it for me, but I'd like to get as many details right from the start as I can. These questions have already occurred to me, and I was hoping folks might be able to contribute their expertise:

- For someone with classic allergies ("hay fever"), what months would be worst? I know that would vary depending on whether the allergy was to grasses, specific trees, specific weeds, and so on, but generally speaking, what would you say? (For example, in New England, April tends to be very bad for many folk because the flowers and trees really get started then; and August or so is bad for ragweed sufferers.) More detailed information is always welcome.

- Just how uncommon are thunderstorms? If I need a thunderstorm to occur, in which month would it be most likely (or least exceptional)?

- I've heard that Vancouver has approximately one bad neighborhood. I need to place a character in an inexpensive apartment, a few floors up, in a neighborhood that isn't actively bad but might make a foreign woman walking alone a little nervous — more run-down than scary, really. I also need it to be located somewhere that ocean breezes can be noticeable, at least sometimes. Is that feasible? Would it have to be outside Vancouver proper, and if so, where is most likely? Would an enclosed building with an elevator and a locked front entry be likely, or are "open" buildings (with apartment doors facing onto publicly accessible balconies/walkways) more likely?

- And finally, if I do contrive to arrange a vacation trip to Vancouver for myself (not just for research ... really ...), what would be a good month to visit for someone who doesn't like winter/snow or summer swelter?

- ETA: Are there any days when families would go out to watch fireworks? New Year's Day? Canada Day??

Many thanks for all responses!

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