November 23rd, 2009


Vancouver: Ocean? -- All set!

So, once upon a time I wrote a story in which Rodney reflected that Vancouver was "on the ocean". Today, looking at a map, I noticed ... maybe not so much, because there's kind of a huge land mass out there.

I live in New England and would probably just go with the idea of Boston being "on the ocean", even though it's really on a bay of the Atlantic Ocean — it's pretty much the same thing to me. The geography of the western Canadian coast, however, is not exactly parallel.

I'm probably going to be setting more story content in that area, so I need to check: Would someone who had ever been in Vancouver think of it as being on the ocean? What about someone who was raised in Canada but had not been to Vancouver (since canonically Rodney attended at least some schooling in Ontario but otherwise doesn't seem to have an official hometown backstory)? Or did I make a classic should-have-Canapicked headdesk error? Is Vancouver properly said to be "near" the ocean, or on a waterway, or ...? I do plan to seek a Canadian's review for future works set in the area, but I'd like to plan ahead on that part, since it'll actually matter for plotting purposes.

Many thanks!

ETA: All set. Vancouver is on the ocean (in the "normal Earth city" sense, not the "Atlantis" sense, hee). Many thanks for all the kind responses!
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