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Diana Williams

Math & Science Universities in Canada

I am trying to figure something out - if John Sheppard was a math professor and Rodney McKay was a physics professor at a Canadian university, where would be the most likely candidates for them to be teaching? Graduate programs over undergrad, if there is a difference. I tried googling for top 10 lists and the results were conflicting (and the posters were too busy insulting each other). The ones mentioned most often were McGill, University of Waterloo (and for physics, the joint Waterloo-Guelph program), Queen's University, University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. So what are your thoughts?

On a slightly different subject - do we know where Jeannie and Kaleb are living?
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It's a minor, teensy spoiler, just to save my butt, but...




Miller's Crossing, the police cars said "Vancouver Police Department." In my AU, they live in Toronto, cause I wrote it prior to that ep, so yay AU, but apparently canon now is Vancouver, if only because Vancouver PD cars were easier to get ;-D
Thanks! I'll probably end up moving the Millers, too, since it looks like Rodney will be in Toronto.


April 1 2008, 01:50:16 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  April 1 2008, 01:59:09 UTC

When I was prepping for university, it was very well-known that Waterloo was the place to go if you wanted to do math (at a grad or undergrad level). As far as I know (about 13 years later), it still is. And I also know that it had been in that position for some time (ie, long before I was applying to university). I would think that UofT is up there too. In terms of McGill, I've heard that it's not all that the hype makes it out to be in many departments, but it might have been at one time.

I don't know much about UBC, or Queens, although I do know that generally Queens has a good reputation. I've heard that Laurentian has an interesting physics program, and I think this has something to do with the underground research facilities they have as an off-shoot of the mining in the region (it might be interesting to check that out). And UofT has a good physics program.

If you're thinking in terms of geographical proximity to each other, UofT, Waterloo, and Guelph are all in the same general region (with some commuting), while Laurentian is maybe 4-5 hours north of Toronto, and Queens is a couple of hours (I think) east of Toronto. The other universities are much further away.

...there's also the possibility that the Royal Military College might be an interesting option...

Also, McMaster University (near Toronto) has a nuclear reactor facility (http://mnr.mcmaster.ca/physics.htm).
Also, McMaster University (near Toronto) has a nuclear reactor facility (http://mnr.mcmaster.ca/physics.htm).

McMaster also has a respected math grad school; my husband nearly did his Master's there (he ended up going to UBC).

But there's very little else interesting about Hamilton.
But there's very little else interesting about Hamilton

I would disagree!
Cool! Thanks for the info.


10 years ago

Ahaha, well I'd vote for UBC, but only because I live in BC. All of the Uni's you've listed are well-known Canada-wide; so I guess the more inportant thing to figure out is where in Canada you want them to live - East coast, Westcoast or that long long stretch inbetween? :D

University of Waterloo is definitely near the top of the list for math, science etc. But U of Toronto, UBC are also good picks. And the nuclear reactor at McMaster was pretty cool if not somewhat frightening. The science library at Mac is also interesting in that it is impossible to find anything in unless you've been there forever...the first time I was there I asked some students for help finding my way around. They told me that if I wasn't smart enough to figure out my way around their library, then I wasn't smart enough to be there. I'm so not joking. I could so see Rodney saying something like that.

Some weird Waterloo tidbits if you're interested....The students used to actually call part of the campus "Chinatown" because of the amount of Asian students in the math and science programs - in addition to the fact that many student signs and flyers posted were written in Chinese/Mandarin. Now if you were thinking of having either of them teach some engineering classes...the engineering students had a not-so-secret society where they paraded around hailing a suggestive looking wrench thing called "the great tool" and then they all got very drunk and slept with anyone willing in the vicinity.

I could so see John at Guelph - it's a very smart school but there is a low-key, mellow, organic nature to the place. It's small and cosy and scenic. Rodney would definitely fit in at Waterloo; It's a no-nonsense, huge, purely functional, very competitive and somewhat manic place.

If you have any questions about other schools or about these ones please feel free to ask - I've spent some of time on these various campuses.
So then it would work if John was teaching at Guelph, and Rodney at Waterloo but also part of the Waterloo-Guelph joint physics project/program? They need to not-know each other at the start of the story, but be close enough in proximity to date and share an apartment. (It's for the Reel_SGA romantic comedy challenge).
There's also
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There's also <a href-"http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/index.php?lang=en">The Perimeter Institute</a> in Waterloo, if you're not stuck on Rodney teaching and if it's taking place in current time.
Thanks! That would definitely be another option if I didn't want Rodney teaching, or maybe he would have an affiliation with them. It looks like they currently have 2 graduate students from Waterloo in their Cosmology dept, so that's great.
Just to throw you another option, the University of Alberta in Edmonton has a well-respected engineering and sciences program, I understand. I'm afraid I can't offer too many specifics, though.
Thanks! I hadn't looked at that one yet, but I will.


April 9 2008, 13:03:37 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  April 9 2008, 13:04:17 UTC

I'm sending a kid off to University in about 4 months, so I'm back in the loop.

Waterloo is still *the* place to be for Math.

Queens is still the place to be for Engineering students, and it's in Kingston, so it's closer to 3-4 hours (give or take - traffic is unpredictable) to Toronto.

As for Physics - well in the last few years there have been some major player changes. If you are doing physics then you want to think about Carleton in Ottawa. Yep, "Last Chance U" has given itself a sweet little makeover in the form of SNOLab (http://www.snolab.ca/). If Rodney were to head back to Canada, odds are good he'd head to Sudbury, and Carleton has the other end of that Lab. Queens also has a connection, but not quite in the same way - they're not funnelling several million over the next few years to make themselves The Place To Be for Physics.

U of Goo (University of Guelph, near Toronto) is also up and coming in subatomic particle physics, but among the current "I'm off to University"set, it's rapidly losing it's rep as a place anyone would want to go unless it's for Veterinary medicine - no place seems to turn out better.

Thinking of a post Atlantis Rodney needs peace place - check out Trent. It's a smaller school, in a small town, that has a reputation for turning out Scientists of a calibre that SGC would have a recruitment officer on site full time. There is also the most *amazing* Thai/Tibetan restaurant in the middle of town - Rodney would approve.

I know nothing about UBC except I wanted to go there for Marine Biology once. Mac (McMaster) also has fallen off the radar a bit - and Hamilton is, well Hamilton; it was once known as the place where Canadian Mobsters kept their family safe, and the place where Tequila Sheila was born and yes, they really do have a Nuke downtown... is the really neat underground Farmers Market still there?

(y'know, I miss Sheila...her and the gnome with the Stetson - politics used to be more fun back when I lived in Ottawa).

We know Kaleb is/was a Lit major - now a professor? - I'd stick the Millers in/near Toronto because of that.

Oh - the point - right... Most Canadian Universities have Co-educational programs. I have a degree from U of O, but I spent maybe a semester there - I was in Toronto and Waterloo (soft science - psychology... and OMG can you see Rodney having to navigate the Chimp Lab/maze at Waterloo - have they fixed that yet? I felt you should get credit for being able to find your damned classroom), but my "adviser" (HA, may he rot in whatever hell sunbathing misogynistic psychos go to) had a substantive position at Ottawa U. Sticking Rodney officially at one university and John at another would work.