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Well, what do you know.

Apparently, if the posts popping up all over my f-list these last couple of days are to be believed, lj has set out to delete and purge inactive comms. I have no clue what their time frame for "inactivity" is, but I figured a post to show this comm still has a lot to offer to everyone was in order.

So, here is that post. Thank you for your time.

Vancouver seasons

I'm nibbling away at a story set in Vancover in the 2002-2004 range, and I'll eventually have someone locale-beta it for me, but I'd like to get as many details right from the start as I can. These questions have already occurred to me, and I was hoping folks might be able to contribute their expertise:

- For someone with classic allergies ("hay fever"), what months would be worst? I know that would vary depending on whether the allergy was to grasses, specific trees, specific weeds, and so on, but generally speaking, what would you say? (For example, in New England, April tends to be very bad for many folk because the flowers and trees really get started then; and August or so is bad for ragweed sufferers.) More detailed information is always welcome.

- Just how uncommon are thunderstorms? If I need a thunderstorm to occur, in which month would it be most likely (or least exceptional)?

- I've heard that Vancouver has approximately one bad neighborhood. I need to place a character in an inexpensive apartment, a few floors up, in a neighborhood that isn't actively bad but might make a foreign woman walking alone a little nervous — more run-down than scary, really. I also need it to be located somewhere that ocean breezes can be noticeable, at least sometimes. Is that feasible? Would it have to be outside Vancouver proper, and if so, where is most likely? Would an enclosed building with an elevator and a locked front entry be likely, or are "open" buildings (with apartment doors facing onto publicly accessible balconies/walkways) more likely?

- And finally, if I do contrive to arrange a vacation trip to Vancouver for myself (not just for research ... really ...), what would be a good month to visit for someone who doesn't like winter/snow or summer swelter?

- ETA: Are there any days when families would go out to watch fireworks? New Year's Day? Canada Day??

Many thanks for all responses!

Vancouver: Ocean? -- All set!

So, once upon a time I wrote a story in which Rodney reflected that Vancouver was "on the ocean". Today, looking at a map, I noticed ... maybe not so much, because there's kind of a huge land mass out there.

I live in New England and would probably just go with the idea of Boston being "on the ocean", even though it's really on a bay of the Atlantic Ocean — it's pretty much the same thing to me. The geography of the western Canadian coast, however, is not exactly parallel.

I'm probably going to be setting more story content in that area, so I need to check: Would someone who had ever been in Vancouver think of it as being on the ocean? What about someone who was raised in Canada but had not been to Vancouver (since canonically Rodney attended at least some schooling in Ontario but otherwise doesn't seem to have an official hometown backstory)? Or did I make a classic should-have-Canapicked headdesk error? Is Vancouver properly said to be "near" the ocean, or on a waterway, or ...? I do plan to seek a Canadian's review for future works set in the area, but I'd like to plan ahead on that part, since it'll actually matter for plotting purposes.

Many thanks!

ETA: All set. Vancouver is on the ocean (in the "normal Earth city" sense, not the "Atlantis" sense, hee). Many thanks for all the kind responses!
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Math & Science Universities in Canada

I am trying to figure something out - if John Sheppard was a math professor and Rodney McKay was a physics professor at a Canadian university, where would be the most likely candidates for them to be teaching? Graduate programs over undergrad, if there is a difference. I tried googling for top 10 lists and the results were conflicting (and the posters were too busy insulting each other). The ones mentioned most often were McGill, University of Waterloo (and for physics, the joint Waterloo-Guelph program), Queen's University, University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. So what are your thoughts?

On a slightly different subject - do we know where Jeannie and Kaleb are living?

forms of address, child to adult woman

What would a small child address an adult woman as in Canada (specifically, Vancouver)? Where I come from, friends-of-parents are generally called Miss (as in, Miss Catherine -- used for married women, too), or Aunty (Aunty Catherine). Would a child in these modern times be encouraged to use an adult's first name, or last name (Mrs Jones)? Thank you!


The eternal question. What kind of beer does Rodney drink?

I am not a very well-travelled Canadian, and don't drink very much beer. I also doubt that the near-fanatic devotion to Alexander Keith's in my hometown is the national standard, so: Do most Canadians tend to drink regional brands, or do the Big Companies (Labatt's, Coors, Oland,etc) dominate? Is Molson really the quintessential Canadian beer, or is that a myth perpetuated by university students from Ontario? Would Rodney drink fancy microbrewery stuff, or appreciate the mass-market consistency of a ... see, I don't even know what to put there. Help me out. If a Canadian was away from home - what kind of beer would they miss?