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I stole the idea for this comm from hp_britglish, which is possibly the most helpful comm I've ever come across. But SGA appears to have no such system in place for people wanting to write Canadian characters realistically.

I started writing a new fic today and suddenly realised I had no idea whether the Canadian school system was significantly different than the US, or whether Twinkies were a common food (no to both). Wikipedia and Google helped me out, but that still left me wondering what wee!Rodney should eat instead of Twinkies. Yes, I could ask my flist, and I did.

But what happens when someone else desperately needs to know about Canadian snacks? They'll never find the info on my journal, especially if they don't even know me. But with a comm, it's all neat and organised, and anyone can browse through and hopefully find the answer they need. And if not, they can ask! And helpful Canadians will answer their questions.

Although I made the comm with SGA in mind, anyone can ask questions, regardless of fandom. The more members we have, the better chance there is of getting your questions answered, so please pimp this comm!
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