Travis (kyuuketsukirui) wrote in sga_canada_help,

New mod?

I am trying to cut ties with LJ as much as possible, so I'm culling users and comms from my flist here. I know this comm doesn't exactly get a lot of traffic, but I don't want to just abandon it, either. Does anyone want to take over?

ETA: michelel72 and debris_k are your new mods! Thanks, guys. :)
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As there's not a lot of traffic and hassle, I'd be game to take over. (Though I'm not Canadian and these days keeping tabs on sgagenrefinders is the extent of my SGA fandom involvement. Just so you're informed when making a decision and all that. :-) )
I'm not Canadian, either. I created it because I wanted a place to ask Canadians questions. XD

I'll add you as a mod, thanks. :)
Heh, perhaps I should've bragged about my years spent in the due South fandom -- if ever there was a place with plenty of Canadiana trivia, that was/is it. :-)

No prob! Thanks for the vote of confidence, I guess. >.<


April 21 2010, 14:38:50 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 21 2010, 14:39:26 UTC

You seem to be all set, but if you need another person at any point, I'm available and willing. (And, y'know, American, but that doesn't seem to be a problem. Heh.)
As far as I'm concerned, I'm for sharing the blame work load
responsibility, so if kyuuketsukirui wants to add another mod, that's a-okay by me. :-)
Thanks. I'll go ahead and add you, too. :)